Member of American Industrial Hygiene Association - Michigan Section

Founded in 1938, the Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society is composed of highly trained professionals who service the communities’ environmental and occupational health needs.

MIHS Paper Awards : Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Journal

2003 - Engineering Controls for Selected Silica and Dust Exposures in the Construction Industry – A Review. Michael Flynn and Pam Susi, Vol 18 No 4 April 2003

2002 - Kiley R. Ross and Laurie A. Todd, “Field Evaluation of a Transportable Open-Path FTIR for Real-Time Air Monitoring”
Published: February 2002

2001 - German Suvorov; Eduard Denisov; Vladimir Anmtipin; Valeri Kharitonov; Jukka Starck; IImari Pyykk; Esko Toppila; “Effects of Peak Levels and Number of Impulses to Hearing Among Forge Hammering Workers.”

2000 - Andrew B. Cecala; Robert J. Timko; Edward D. Thimons; “Methods to Lower the Dust Exposure of Bag Machine Operators and Stackers”

1999 - Kenneth Mead; R. Leroy Mickelsen ‘ Thomas Brumagin; “Factory Performance Evaluations of Engineering Controls for Asphalt Paving Equipment”

1998 - Yeung, Paul; Cantrell, Phillip; Murdock, Cheryl; Rogers, Alan; Apthrope, Linda; Vickers, Carolyn; Conaly, Gary; “Exposure of Air Blast Applicators to Ethyl Parathion and Methyl Parathion in Orchards: A Comparison of Australian Conditions to Overseas Predictive Exposure Models, ” – 13 (4): 242-251 (April) 1998

1997 - Rimmer, Thomas; Ellenbecker, Micheal, “Feasibility Assessment of a New Method for Measurement of Hearing Protector Attenuation: Bone Conduction Loudness Balance,” – 12(1):69-75 (January) 1997

1996 - Topmiller, Jennifer L.; Watkins, Daniel S.; Shulman, Stanley A.; Mudrock, Donald J., Jr., “Controlling Wood Dust from Orbital Sanders,” – 11(9):1131-1137, (September) 1996

1995 - McAneny, Jack; Leith, David; Doundy, Maryanne G., “Volitalization of Mineral Oil Mist collected on Sampling Filters.” – 10 (9):783-787, (September) 1995

1994 - Ong, Choo Nam Foo, S.C.; Lee, B.L., “Effect of Fasting on Toluene Metabolism: A Study of Hippuric Acid and O-Cresol Excretion,” – 9 (9):622-625, (September) 1994

1993 - Anderson, Ing-Marie; Niemela, Raimo; Rosen, Gunnar; Saamanen, Arto, “Control of Styrene Exposure by Horizontal Displacement Ventilation,” – 8 (12):1031-1037, (December) 1993

1992 - Gressel, Michael G.; Hughes, Robert T., “Effective Local Exhaust Ventilation for Controlling Formaldehyde Exposures during Embalming,” – 7 (12):840-845, (December) 1992

1991 - Cassinelli, Mary Ellen, “Development of a Solid Absorbent Monitoring Method for Chlorine and Bromine in air with Determination by Ion Chromatography,” – 6 (3):215-220, (March) 1991

1990 - Castro, Annette;Rice, Carol, Ph.D.; Morawetz, John; Radike, Martha; Graunlich, Sally, “Development and Pilot Training Program for Foundry Workers,” -5(9): 595-603, (September) 1990

1989 - Shelley, Michael L.; Anderson, Melvin E.; Fisher, Jeffrey W., “A Risk Asessment Approach for Nursing Infants Exposed to Volatile Organis Through the Mother’s Occupational Inhalation Exposure,” – 4 (1): 21-26, (January) 1989

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