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Founded in 1938, the Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society is composed of highly trained professionals who service the communities’ environmental and occupational health needs.

Best Papers

Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Journal

2003 - Engineering Controls for Selected Silica and Dust Exposures in the Construction Industry – A Review. Michael Flynn and Pam Susi, Vol 18 No 4 April 2003

2002 - Kiley R. Ross and Laurie A. Todd, “Field Evaluation of a Transportable Open-Path FTIR for Real-Time Air Monitoring”
Published: February 2002

2001 - German Suvorov; Eduard Denisov; Vladimir Anmtipin; Valeri Kharitonov; Jukka Starck; IImari Pyykk; Esko Toppila; “Effects of Peak Levels and Number of Impulses to Hearing Among Forge Hammering Workers.”

2000 - Andrew B. Cecala; Robert J. Timko; Edward D. Thimons; “Methods to Lower the Dust Exposure of Bag Machine Operators and Stackers”

1999 - Kenneth Mead; R. Leroy Mickelsen ‘ Thomas Brumagin; “Factory Performance Evaluations of Engineering Controls for Asphalt Paving Equipment”

1998 - Yeung, Paul; Cantrell, Phillip; Murdock, Cheryl; Rogers, Alan; Apthrope, Linda; Vickers, Carolyn; Conaly, Gary; “Exposure of Air Blast Applicators to Ethyl Parathion and Methyl Parathion in Orchards: A Comparison of Australian Conditions to Overseas Predictive Exposure Models, ” – 13 (4): 242-251 (April) 1998

1997 - Rimmer, Thomas; Ellenbecker, Micheal, “Feasibility Assessment of a New Method for Measurement of Hearing Protector Attenuation: Bone Conduction Loudness Balance,” – 12(1):69-75 (January) 1997

1996 - Topmiller, Jennifer L.; Watkins, Daniel S.; Shulman, Stanley A.; Mudrock, Donald J., Jr., “Controlling Wood Dust from Orbital Sanders,” – 11(9):1131-1137, (September) 1996

1995 - McAneny, Jack; Leith, David; Doundy, Maryanne G., “Volitalization of Mineral Oil Mist collected on Sampling Filters.” – 10 (9):783-787, (September) 1995

1994 - Ong, Choo Nam Foo, S.C.; Lee, B.L., “Effect of Fasting on Toluene Metabolism: A Study of Hippuric Acid and O-Cresol Excretion,” – 9 (9):622-625, (September) 1994

1993 - Anderson, Ing-Marie; Niemela, Raimo; Rosen, Gunnar; Saamanen, Arto, “Control of Styrene Exposure by Horizontal Displacement Ventilation,” – 8 (12):1031-1037, (December) 1993

1992 - Gressel, Michael G.; Hughes, Robert T., “Effective Local Exhaust Ventilation for Controlling Formaldehyde Exposures during Embalming,” – 7 (12):840-845, (December) 1992

1991 - Cassinelli, Mary Ellen, “Development of a Solid Absorbent Monitoring Method for Chlorine and Bromine in air with Determination by Ion Chromatography,” – 6 (3):215-220, (March) 1991

1990 - Castro, Annette;Rice, Carol, Ph.D.; Morawetz, John; Radike, Martha; Graunlich, Sally, “Development and Pilot Training Program for Foundry Workers,” -5(9): 595-603, (September) 1990

1989 - Shelley, Michael L.; Anderson, Melvin E.; Fisher, Jeffrey W., “A Risk Asessment Approach for Nursing Infants Exposed to Volatile Organis Through the Mother’s Occupational Inhalation Exposure,” – 4 (1): 21-26, (January) 1989

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